The artist cannot be present tonight. It is not that their feet do not allow them to move or that their feelings and desires do not long to do so. The problem is their identity. This word in English and Arabic implies countless meanings but, here we will limit it to Syrian, and to the word artist. The artist cannot be present tonight so you will have to listen to their absence.

Created in response to tightening borders and restrictions on travel For the Absent Ones is an audio performance designed for an empty theatre, where the voice of an artist struggles to create a new work for the stage.


Created and produced by Parallel Crossings:
Abdullah Al Kafri (Syria), Moez Mrabet (Tunisia), Jon Davis and Jonathan May (UK)
Production Manager: Carmel Macaree
Actor: Ammar Haj Ahmad
Sound Design:  Matthew Davison
Thanks to: Eleanor Isherwood, Freddie Thomson, Mary Paterson, Tania el Khoury, Steven Stenning, James Thompson, Jonny Collis-Scurll, Fuel Theatre, Mosaic Rooms

For the Absent Ones is commissioned by Shubbak in a partnership with British Council
Supported by Tandem Cultural Managers Exchange

Performance Dates:
Shubbak Festival (UK)
British Museum, 2 July 2017, 10:15am, 1pm, 1:30pm, as part of Survival of the Artist
Arcola Theatre, 11-12 July 2017, 8:00pm, a double bill with Hani Sami’s Mind, the Gap

Hammamet International Festival (Tunisia)
Act Now, 19 July 2017, 8:30pm

Main image by Khaled Barakeh
Act of Excision (2015)
Series of five digital C-Type prints, 21 x 30 cm each. 

Image courtesy of the artist.

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